About Us

Our Team:

Meet our team of experienced and talented professionals:

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team1 Mike Bonheim

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team3 Andy Marler
Principal Engineer

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team4 Jon Haybarger
Program Analyst

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team5 Michael A Kalfas II
Information Assurance

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team6 Ryan Martin
Operations Manager

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team6 Benjamin Cassidy
Project Manager

Our History:

It Begins!

Mike and Christine Bonheim founded Minuteman Security Solutions LLC. The company name, Minuteman, was inspired by Don Troinai’s “The Minuteman 1775” painting. Mike was given a framed print of this American Revolutionary War painting during his retirement ceremony from friends at PEO Soldier’s Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI). The Minuteman were the elite forces of America’s militia. The painting is prominently displayed in the Lorton Virginia facility.

First Partnership

Minuteman Security Solutions becomes a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of DAQ Electronics StarWatch line of security software and equipment. As a DAQ VAR, Minuteman is certified to resell, design, integrate, install, configure and maintain the StarWatch and ICIDS Systems.


Minuteman Security Solutions is awarded the six year, single award Integrated Commercial Intrusion Detection System – Increment 5 (ICIDS-V). As the prime contractor for the Army’s centrally managed intrusion detection program, Minuteman is positioned to provide and install the highly secured, standardized intrusion detection system at Army posts, camps and stations world-wide. ICIDS provides the means to detect and assess as necessary, the unauthorized intrusion or attempted intrusions of protected areas.

ICIDS-V Milestone

Minuteman Security Solutions successfully completes Performance Verification Testing (PVT-1) of the ICIDS-V System. PVT-1 is conducted on a fully integrated system, consisting of both hardware and software components, to ensure that the system complies with the contract specifications and requirements.

Professional Services Offerings:

Integration of Intrusion Detection, Access Control, and Closed-Circuit Television security systems. Maintenance of Intrusion Detection, Access Control, and Closed-Circuit Television security systems. ICIDS Administrator, Maintainer, and Operator training. Installation designs and surveys. Certified DAQ Electronics VAR (Value Added Reseller) of StarWatch security software and equipment. Holder of the active Army Contract Number: W911QY16D0025 (ICIDS-V CONTRACT AWARD)